Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Wreath

So last weekend, I was amazed once more by the wonderful projects I find over at Dollar Store Crafts. Seriously- lots of frugal minded crafters out there, and I. Love. That. This time, it was a wreath made with bath puffs. Love it!

I know I've seen others use the bath puffs before, so it's not completely original (what is, anymore? I'm pretty sure every thought that enters my head on any given basis is simultaneously being thought up by 12 other people world wide!- yes, even that sentence!), but it is looooovely. And orange. I was surprised that A) someone found bright orange bath puffs in time for Halloween, and B) that I was also able to find them. Usually, when it comes to something like that, I'm SOL.

I picked up the items needed, but my DT does not have yarn. Sadness! I wound up getting some black fuzzy stuff on clearance at HobLob for like $3. Then, we went next door to Big Lots, where I think I found the exact same yarn that Heather at DSC used, also for $1. I picked it up- I liked it better, with it's little rust & orange colored hanging ball thingies. Technical term.

There are detailed instructions at DSC, so I won't add those, but here's what all I used to make mine:

1 Medium Twig Wreath- Dollar Tree
1 Big Fuzzy Black Spider- Dollar Tree
4 Orange Strip Bath Puffs- Dollar Tree
Black Fuzzy Yarn- Big Lots
Gemstones- Dollar Tree (I was ECSTATIC! Dollar Tree got GOOD gems in again! The ones from over the summer SUCKED!)
Hot Glue- On hand

All in all, I spent $8 on all the supplies, and I have a lot of yarn and gemstones left over. I had also picked up a black glittery skull, which I liked, but then I made it into a Dia De Los Muertos skull instead, and no longer liked how it looked on the wreath, so I went with the spider.

 I added small gems and two larger gems to the spider to make him puuurty. I also added small purple & clear gems through out the wreath, so that when it's hanging outside, it will catch the light with a bit of sparkle. I'm all about the bling.


Anonymous said...

Oh Heather! That is ADORABLE!! I think even I could do that one! LOL! I love crafting on a budget! Check out my blog for my Fall Hurricane. It was CHEAP to make. All the supplies came from Dollar Tree!

ArtfullyJune said...

Bath sponges, how fun. I guess I better go check out dollarstorecrafts again. I have not been there for a while.

I picked up supplies for a dollar store wreath that I'll be showing tomorrow. I'd love your opinion.

Expressions by Heather said...

Julie, I loooove the hurricane- candy corn is perfect! (Munched on some just earlier!)

June, I would love to see it :) Frugal crafting is the best way to craft- making something out of very little! Sure, Martha Stewart can make a pretty wreath, but does it have to cost $40?

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! I would have never thought of making a wreath out of bath sponges! Please come share at my Party on friday!

the thrifty ba said...

the spider so makes it!

AllieMakes! said...

How fun! I love it!
You should come link this up at my Making It With Allie Party!

J Rodney said...

That is pretty cool Heather! How do you find time for all of your craftiness?

Kristin Renee' Wynegar said...

omg this is seriously one of the cutest wreaths ive seen! i may steal this cute little idea to decorate my house for halloween. :)