Friday, February 25, 2011

Saving at CVS

Oh, how I wish I had coupons with me today! I had to stop at CVS this morning to grab bottle cap images (I use these for bows and flower clips, and have them printed up there), and decided to bypass the Valentine's Day clearance, and see what they had in their small end cap clearance section.

I am SO glad I did. They've been doing inventory in makeup over the past week, and clearing out a lot of fun stuff. Raegan's birthday is in April, and so is Easter, so I decided to stock up, as most of the make up marked down was 75% off.

I wound up getting:

4 Chrome Nail Pens- these are the Sally Hansen nail polish "Paint & Go" type pens, in a metallic chrome finish. $9.99 each, marked down to $2.49 each

1 Gold Metallic Nail Art Pen- these go hand in hand with the paint & go pens, but are skinnier so you can draw designs on your fingers. $8.99, marked down to $2.25.

Rimmel Sapphire Blue Eyeshadow- $4.39, marked down to $1.07

Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Pink Nail Polish- $2.99, marked down to $.75

Sally Hanson Quick Clear Coat Nail Polish- $10.49, marked down to $2.62

2 Sally Hanson Eyeshadow Trios- $8.79 each, marked down to $2.12 each

Sally Hanson Quik-Dry Red Nail Polish- $5.49, marked down to $1.37

Wet & Wild Black H2O Mascara- $2.99, marked down to $.74

Wet & Wild Purple Metallic Eyeshadow Pen- $1.99, marked down to $.49

Pedicure Brush (pumice stone on one side, bristles on the other)- $6.99, marked down to $1.74

3 Magic Reveal motion photo frames (think that plastic ridged stuff that makes stickers look like they're in motion)- $3.99 each, marked down to $.25 each

King Size Reeses Mini's (have you tried these? OMG SO GOOD!)- $1.69 minus a $2.00 coupon, -$.31

27 digital prints (bottle cap images) $5.13 (no discount sadly)

Total Spent:

$32.67 ($1.87 was tax)
Total on the discount items:

Amount saved in-store today:



Now, had I used coupons, that would have been better, but for spur-of-the-moment makeup shopping, I think I did pretty good.


ArtfullyJune said...

Great deals. Makes me all that much more jealous that there is no CVS near me.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

That's amazing, you go girl!

J Rodney said...

You did fabulous Heather, and your daughter is going to be very excited about your finds too I'm sure.