Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is this goodbye?

So two years ago, we were hot and heavy. Barely a day went by when I wasn't thinking of you. Dreaming of you. Then as time went on, things cooled off. Where was the passion? The love?

And now, we barely speak. I go days, even weeks without even considering what you might want, what you might be thinking.

So I have to say, Blog of Mine, things might not be working out. It isn't you- it's me. I just don't have the time or energy to make this work right now.

Ok, it is you. I don't craft much at all anymore. When I do, it's for profit. I don't take the time to think up wildly exciting new things that draw in hundreds of people. I lack the motivation and the interest to really do much to run a blog with such specific needs.

So instead, I've started a new blog. A blog where I can be myself. Where I don't have to try and change who I am on any given day to make sure someone elses needs are met. You've been selfish with me, blog. You've demanded my attention, sulked, and pouted.

This isn't goodbye for ever, blog. This is good bye for now, because I just don't have the motivation to craft, photograph, and post every day week month.

Good bye, blog. I'll be back.

.....And now that the overly dramatic good bye's are done with the blog, here's the scoop.

A) I don't craft hardly at all anymore, and while the original intent of this blog wasn't for the crafting, that's where about 90% of my followers found me, so I'm not sure my new brand of blogging is a good fit.

B) I have found that in having a specialized blog like this, where there's a general topic that I've stuck to for a long time, it makes it very hard for me to blog unless I'm totally in the mood.

C) I just am not interested in crafting much, end of story.

BUT, I have started a new blog, which will be wildly popular soon someday probably never. But here's the official invitation for you to come read it.

I will save the blurb about what all it's about, except to say this: It's a say and do anything that's on my mind blog. No specified topics. Nothing off limits. JUst whatever comes to mind, when it comes to mind.

(And don't let the name put you off- it's a self deprecating look at myself more than anything else.)

And without further ado, please take a moment to come and visit me over at:

Because You're A Moron

I'd love to see some more people over there! It's only a week old, but I'm loving the freedom so far.


Unknown said...

I completely agree. I found myself thinking I needed to change who I was or how we lived to fit into what I thought my old blog wanted. It was exhausting.. I wish you much luck.

Unknown said...

Heading over to check out your new blog. I've found it very hard to even try a "crafting" blog (mainly because I don't craft enough and half the time I don't have anything to blog about).
Good luck in all of your adventures!

madison avenue said...

originally my blog was just crafts, but now its more of a fashion blog which i like more. i think its completely normal to want to blog about something else. i agree that it is hard to find new and exciting crafts to do. thats a lot of the reason why i switched.

Mad in Crafts said...

I found you because of crafting, but that's not why I like you! :D Adding your new blog to my reader... now!

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I don't know how you ever did it, but that's the thing about passion though. I do not have a passion for crafting so I could never do it. I hope the new blog works out for you Heather.

Anna said...

Thank you all so much :) I'm enjoying the freedom of it right now, because there is just so much stuff that I can post about, whether it's the kids, or something I'm doing, or even just conversations I've had.

I hope to see many of you over there from time to time :)

Anna said...

....."Anna" is totally "Heather", btw.