Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Posting From The Past

Last night, as I lay there sleepless once more at 2am, I typed up this post, and another couple of posts. My first post should be visible by now, and was a tutorial on making a cute stuffed snake for a Christmas gift.

My second post, however, was something that occurred to me while scheduling my first post. Blogger lets you write a post, and schedule it to be posted at any given time. In fact, when first writing the snake blog, I accidently set it to post yesterday morning, so it back dated the post. I tried to post date it, but once it's visible, that's that. I removed it and redid it, set to have posted at sometime around 9am this morning.

The second post was a Post from the Past- I wrote up a congratulatory sort of time capsule post for the blog's 1 year anniversary, in October 2010. I wrote in it some things I hope to accomplish over the year, and I am really excited to see next year just what comes true for that post.

You won't get to see it until then. By then, I'll have even forgotten it, I imagine! Or, at least, for the most part.

If you have a blog, I recommend trying something similar. Sort of a blast from the past type of post. Maybe write what your favorite song is, or your favorite movie, or what your child did to surprise you today... little things that you might otherwise not recall a year from now.

Good luck!

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