Wednesday, December 2, 2009

25 Ornaments - Day 3

Here it is, already day 3 of my 25 Days of Christmas Ornaments. I was out and about today, and got a few great ideas for future posts, so I'm excited to try them out!

For Day 3, I made a simple rectangle felt ornament. I call it a "Post Card Ornament" for lack of a better name, as it reminds me of the front of a post card.

Post Card Ornament

You'll Need:
Felt in 2-3 colors
Hot Glue
Ribbon scrap
Glitter Glue, Sequins, Ribbon, Buttons, Gems, Googly Eyes, Rick Rack** This is all optional for dressing it up.

  1. Decide on what design you want on the front. I went with a stocking, but a large bell, a round ornament shape, a star, or a Christmas tree would all work great on this. Once you've decided, cut out the main shape. This will be the top felt layer.
  2. Lay the shape on top of a contrasting color of felt, and cut a rectangle slightly larger than the shape. This will be the middle layer.
  3. Lay the rectangle on top of another contrasting color, or the same color as the first layer, and cut another rectangle slightly larger than the middle layer. This will be the last layer.
  4. Glue the ribbon to the top corners of the middle layer, or smallest rectangle. Next, glue the smaller rectangle to the larger rectangle, centering it so the larger rectangle edges show.
  5. Arrange the shape on the top rectangle, and glue into place. For my stocking, I added a white cuff to the red stocking, and glued that on before gluing the stocking to the rectangles.
  6. Add trim to complete the look. I used silver glitter glue to frame the bottom rectangle, and red glitter glue to add polka dots to the middle rectangle. I used green glitter glue to add 2009 to the stocking cuff.


The overall ornament turned out cute, and was super easy to make. We are having some friends over this weekend to make ornaments with the kids, and I think I'll do some pre-made shapes for this, so the kids can make and decorate these!

I would estimate that you could get probably 4 total ornaments from 2 sheets of felt, so the cost is under $1.00 to make, easily. I pay $.37 per sheet of felt, so it would be about $.18 or $.19 each to make these, before adding any embellishments.

These can very easily be customized to the theme & colors you like best, or they can be whatever felt scraps you have on hand. 


Kim said...

Oh I'm gonna have to see if I can sneak this one on my craft to do list :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a cute yet simple idea!!
You could even put the little school pics there is always a ton of on them!! Or cut outs from Christmas cards!