Tuesday, December 8, 2009

25 Ornaments - Day 9

Last night, I pulled some felt, glitter glue, hot glue, and pipe cleaners out into the living room. That way, I could sit with the kids (who quickly joined in making ornaments) and watch my favorite Christmas movie ever- A Christmas Story. Sometime in early Spring last year, we found a collectible tin that came with the leg lamp Christmas lights, and the blu-ray version of the movie. Until last night, we had not yet watched it.

While I sat watching the movie, I made up 6 darling little ice skate ornaments. I got up and ran into the "Craft Cave" (equal parts Man Cave and Craft Room, equalling Craft Cave) to get things I forgot at least 3 times. Probably 4.

Felt Ice Skates

You'll Need:
Felt in white & black (I used glitter felt for both colors)
Hot Glue
Shiny pipe cleaners (silver admittedly would work best, but I lacked plain silver, so I went with gold, red, and a red/silver combo)
Tiny Pom Poms
Glitter Glue

  1. Fold a thin section of felt in half, and cut out the shape of an ice skate boot, using the folded half as the long, tall backside of the boot. 
  2. Clip a section of ribbon, and set it aside for the loop.
  3. Each figure skate uses up 1 whole pipe cleaner. The men's skates use less than 1. Section about an inch and a half, and double it over. Clip it off, then twist the doubled over pipe cleaner together. Curl one end of it upward for the toe pick.
  4. Clip two small sections of pipe cleaner, less than half an inch each is needed. Figure out the spacing on the boot & skate, and line the two sections up with the blade and boot to see where you need them at. Twist one end around the skate, leaving a straight spike going up.
  5. With the skate "butterfly" open, smooth hot glue on one side. Working quickly, arrange the ribbon, gluing it to the top of the boot. Next, place the pipe cleaner blade spikes into the boot, then fold the boot in half and smooth it down.
  6. For a men's boot, use glitter glue to mimic laces up the boot, then set it aside to dry. The men's boot is done.
  7. For a women's boot, use the left over pipe cleaner to form a bow. Glue it to the top of the boot, then use two mini pom poms, and glue the poms to the ends of the ribbon. The women's boot is also now down!
I made 3 women's boots first, using each of the different tinsel pipe cleaners I had on hand, before deciding to make them men's boots. I kept the blades matching, then used a matching glitter glue for the laces going up the boot.  For the red/silver combo, I used silver for the laces.

I've seen these online a lot, and thought they were cute, but have not seen a matching set yet. I've also seen them with paper clips for blades, but all I had on hand were shaped paper clips or small colorful paper clips. I think they look good with the tinsel!


Remember- if you do one of my crafts, I'd love to see the photos of your work!


{ L } said...

These are so adorable! Just job! What a fun addition to the tree.

Living With Lindsay said...

super cute!