Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Morning

I forgot to post anything yesterday. Gilly was home sick, though she really wasn't sick anymore. I had sewing to get done, which of course, I didn't get done. Gillian's dress is done, though, so that's a bonus. She's wearing it now. Mom, of course, forgot to pick up tights for it. She's currently wearing pink camo tights with it. -sigh-

I think perhaps I was overly ambitious with 25 days of Christmas Ornaments. I hate the idea of giving up on it, but right now, I know my time is going to be limited, as school is out for Christmas now.  I'll post when I can, but I'm not sure just how often that will be.

Today we're driving a bit over an hour away to go to my mom's house for Christmas. My oldest daughter, Raegan, is going to be staying with her until later this week. Mom had surgery on Wed, and can use the help around the house.

I'll try to post later today!

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