Thursday, December 17, 2009

I did it. I did the impossible.

The gifts for here are all wrapped. The only things left to wrap are craft items for other people, but I still have to commit myself to exactly who is getting what, and see just what all I have to finish making.

I'm relieved, though, to have gotten that much of it done. No worry about wrapping in front of the kids now. I sorted all the stocking stuffers out, as well, and got them separated into bags. That way, I can just stuff the stockings right away on Christmas Eve.

I got ambitious and hung all the stockings, as well- all 18 of the ones that go in the living room. 3 in the dining room window. That's not counting the 24 mini stockings for the stocking advent, though only 8 of those are still hanging.

Have I mentioned in the past I just love stockings? 3 over the window on the curtain rod, 4 hanging staggered on either side of the window. 3 above the mini tree, and 1 on each side of the mini tree. 2 in the entrance way to the living room.

We got a surprise gift in the mail. It's either from Nick's Uncle or Father, but we're not sure which. Nick's Uncle used to send us a gift from Swiss Colony, but hasn't in several years due to expenses. We loved them so much, the past few years, we've ordered a small set ourselves to snack on during Christmas. This year, we opted not to.

But there it was today, a big box from Swiss Colony. It has sausages, cheese, 2 mini hams (and boy, do they taste good!), some cakes, candy, and nuts. Now, we just have to splurge on some crackers.

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