Thursday, December 17, 2009

Worst Mother Ever

This afternoon and evening has been filled with bickering kids. Non stop bickering, screaming matches (between them, then me trying to be heard above them), and what not. Always a wonderful way to spend the evening.

At some point after an easy dinner of a can of soup (Mother of the Year- I even had my 13 year old make it), Gilly started complaining of not feeling good. She does that quite often, though, so I just had her lay down.

Well, of course, this time it was real. After bouts of diarrhea, she puked- all over the kitchen floor. Now, to get to the part where I am the worst mother of the year, I had my son clean it up.

See, I don't handle bodily fluids at all, without my own meals joining the one already on the floor. I can't do it. I just can't. Nick worked late tonight- he had 2 people leave early, and 1 person call in, so he pulled a 12 hour shift. Usually, he picks up the slack when the kids are sick like this.

We did get a bucket for Gilly, which she has now used 2 more times. Nick is home, and just in time for a gross bout from Gilly. I feel bad, but man- if it were blood, I'd be fine, and Nick would be hiding. We work well that way. I handle the owies, he handles the uh-oh's.


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

Motherhood at it's best right? I had a spider peeking down from the kitchen ceiling yesterday..for about two hours.

As soon as my husband got in the door, he was asked to please help Anancy (we name all the spiders Anacy after a Jamaican children's book) outside without harming him.

My husband thought it was crazy, but hey my kids had to wait to eat until the spider was gone:)

~Sherie~ said...

Lol, too funny, we could be twins! Thanks for assuring me that I"m not the only "Worst Mother Ever" in the world--or even in Michigan!