Sunday, February 7, 2010

Craft Room Re-Do

Over the past week, I've been posting items on Craigslist, so we could clean out the house a bit, and get some room. Declutter, declutter, declutter! Yesterday, 3 large items were picked up- SWEET!

This wound up clearing out an entire wall in the Craft Room/Den/Man Cave. I call it the Craft Cave. Nick just grumbles about me taking over his space. He forgets that when we bought the house, he said, "Hey, honey, we should find you a desk to go in here just for your sewing machine." This was before I said, "We could get you a desk for in here, as well, and you can make this a man cave!"

So, clearly, he offered first, and while I didn't use it for a good year, my craft desk has always had a home in there. The desk had, unfortunately, been taken over before I moved my crafts in there. The drawers had all sorts of fun stuff in them- diapers from when my niece stayed over for a few nights, our taxes from last year, junk mail, hermit crab stuff, video games, video game paraphernalia, and a lot more junk. It took me a full night to de-junk my desk.

But now, my desk is my craft zone. Because we cleared out so much stuff yesterday, I talked Nick into helping me move my craft area to the other wall. I have more space. I also may have commandeered his shelving unit for my own needs. I have a ton of space for storage now! I love, love,  love it!

It's not all done yet. I have a lot of stuff to sort and move, and stack, and what not yet.

Also in the family news this week... last weekend, the microwave cart apparently cracked. No one told me, they thought I'd get mad (I got this cart off Freecycle about 5 years ago, at least, along with a few others). It's a cute one, but oh well, right? We left it as is- the microwave was listing backwards, but it was holding. Then, during the week, we sold our 20 gallon fish tank, with fish. It was situated on another microwave cart turned fish tank stand.

Well, we hadn't had the chance to move the stands around, and last night, Gilly went to use it, and it broke completely. -sigh-

Nick shifted the stands, and we looked at the broken one, and decided- I can totally fix that with some kick butt glue! So, I have it glued right now, and setting. I'm going to add some more glue in a bit. From there, it'll store something lightweight on the top, but it has a shelf under that, and a doored section under that with 2 shelves. Plenty of awesome storage space for me!! Yeah!

My next hope? Replace my lamp. It does it's job, but that room is dark. The light fixture on the ceiling is just dark, and only holds 1 bulb, max of  75 watts, so that room is always dark. I have a lamp on my desk that is huge, and because the base is so fat, it creates shadows where it sits. It also takes up a lot of space, so I'm hoping to find a candlestick lamp for my desk. Being cheap, like I am, I'll check Goodwill before breaking down to buy one.

Maybe 2 candlestick lamps. I hate how dark the area is at night. And yellowish. The ceiling light gives off a slightly yellowish vibe, and the lampshade on my lamp does as well.

Now that I've rambled for long enough, here are some photos of the work in progress of moving my craft area.



 (This was after organizing it better... yeah, it's still a freakin mess, I know)

(yeah, I know, it's messy again...)
And all this with the help of...

(yes, I occasionally indulge in a drink)
Also, just to show my stance on cleaning... I found this yesterday at Michaels. I fell in love, because, it is just so accurate!


My new slogan.


Gwen said...

Looking good so far.

happeningswithLana said...

It is looking nice! Will be a nice craft area.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Sorry it took me awhile to respond I have had a ton of e-mails.

Yes the chess pieces are for the tables I did.


Amanda said...

Re: lamps over a craft table -- I stowed my sewing desk in the closet of a spare bedroom. I used an extension cord with a step-on button to power it, then I used the rest of my in-the-room space for prettier, non-thready crafts. I'm saying that because I bought two cheap clip-on lamps at Wal-Mart and clipped them to the clothing bar hardware above my sewing space. They worked like sconces, but kept my desk space clear. They had bendable necks which allowed me to focus them on my work. I know you don't have hardware above your sewing table, but maybe you could install a shelf just above and clip them to that? More storage, a clear dask top AND lamps! Can't beat it!