Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Time To Clean

In the days leading up to Christmas, I was on a bit of a crafting frenzy to finish things up before Christmas. Then, about 2 weeks later, I broke my tailbone. Needless to say, my craft area is a DISASTER. Capital D intended. OMG, I can't believe how disorganized it got!

I currently share my craft area with my husband. He has a TV in there, and his computer. His desk, the TV, and my desk take an entire wall up. We also share it with a large exercise machine we don't use, so it's on Craigslist right now. Then there are some more book shelves, and a bunch of JUNK.

We have two very large items on CL, though, and I am really hoping they sell fast, so we can get rid of them. If we do, I plan to try and talk him into re-organizing the layout of the room. It needs to be done better, for a chaos stand point.

Gotta get rid of the crap in there, and organize what is left a lot better. I also need to sort my books, and take a bunch into the local book swap store, because I'm almost out of credit there. Now, technically, I get full value of the book I trade in, and then I pay $.95 per book I buy, with the full value of the book being taken from the credit I have in the store. Only, last time I went in, I must have taken 15-20 books, and it was my first time. I left the store that day with 6 books, and yesterday with 4, and I don't have enough for another book right now. Bah. I have plenty to trade in, but seriously, one thing at a time.

I went in to DT today. I seriously, seriously need to stop doing that. I came out with some ideas and, of course, a handful of items. The majority of the trip was focused on cleaning supplies, and things to clean with- microfiber dishtowels, one of those dish scrubbers where you fill the handle with soap, etc. The kids are almost entirely in charge of dishes (man, I'm a meeeeean mom!), and they have this irritating habit of going through a full bottle of soap in about 2 weeks time. Way too fast. So, I showed them this, filled it, showed them how to use it, and told them to use that instead of adding soap. We'll see how that works.


Back to cleaning, organizing, and tossing old stuff away. I seriously have a huge problem with saving scraps. And when I say scraps, I don't mean something that will actually be large enough or long enough to make something. I mean tiny triangles of ribbon left over, or half an inch of fabric. I'm tossing all that today. Cathartic.

I took photos of my DT finds, and fully intended to post them to show you, so you could all ooh and aaah, and come up with your own ideas on what I plan to do with them. Only, the camera is all the way in the craft area, and if I go back in there, I may not find my way back out.

Wish me luck!


Gwen said...

I totally understand chaos and am right there with you right now. The youngest is back with us until she moves to CO and basically, her crap is EVERYWHERE right now. And all of my craft stuff is out of 'her' room and shoved where ever it will fit.

Don't get lost in that room!

Wilma Lee said...

Had to laugh at your kids and the dishwashing. My kids are grown now, but my daughter always mentions how we never had a automatic dishwasher until she left home, lol.I told her I never needed one til then!

Do you have luck with Craigs List? I have never tried it, and we have a nearly new camper we would like to sell.

Expressions by Heather said...

I have semi decent luck with CL. About half of what we post sells, but almost never for asking price. I tend to over price things by about $5-10 now, just so I can get what I think it's worth. ;)

We live just outside the 3rd largest city in the state, which helps, because it's a larger CL group than some.

Kim said...

Good luck with the cleaning. I have to do the same thing every month lol . So the house looks good and the storage area looks like a bomb went off. I will get it together really I will lol lol .

J Rodney said...

Oh yes crafts can create mess. I was working on the scrapbooking, but I have not had any time to continue for months, so I finally found a place in the closet for all of it.