Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Contest! Blogy-giveaways! Fun, Fun, Fun!

I am currently giving away 3 prizes in a contest- the catch is, the contest is on another blog. A blog my friend Sarah runs, called Sarah's Deals. The site is awesome. If you've ever gotten to the cashier at a grocery store, and winced at the cost, you seriously need to check her stuff out.

She posts all sorts of crazy awesome deals with coupons and sales, for both in store and online! Check. Her. Out. I'll wait.

Have you done it?

Ok, then, on to the contests.

1 winner will win a $20 Graphics prize pack. Included in this prize pack are a customized banner for your kick butt blog, and up to 5 buttons for the blog. If you currently use graphics everyone else uses, you want this. Trust me! It's great having something totally unique and all your own!

To enter the graphics contest, go here. To gain entries, do the following:

Required Entry - Post on your blog or website about that you are entering this giveaway (include a link to the giveaway), then come back and comment with a link to your post.

Bonus Entry -
Become a Fan of My Frugal Family on Facebook, then come back and comment that you did AND note what your website/blog is.

Bonus Entries -
Encourage your readers/friends/fans to come here and comment on your behalf. Each reader/friend/fan may comment on your behalf one time. They must comment on the name of yourblog/website AND leave their email address.

Winner will be chosen from all eligible entries received by 3/31/10 at Noon EST. will be used to pick the winner.

(Remember- do that over at Sarah's Deals, NOT here on My Frugal Family!) 

 2 Winners will each be picked to win one customized Barn Star Wall Art. The art will be the same as what I made earlier this week, but customized to the colors & patterns you choose. How awesome is that? I'll tell you! It's TOTALLY awesome!

To enter the Wall Art contest, go here. To gain entries, do the following:

**ALL entries must include email address...entries will be deleted if they do not include email address**

Required Entry - Visit My Frugal Family, then come back here and comment with your email address on your favorite craft.

Bonus Entry - Be a Fan of My Frugal Family on Facebook, then come back here and comment with your email address that you are.

Bonus Entry - Tweet the link to this giveaway on Twitter, then come back and comment with the link to your tweet and your email address.

Bonus Entry
- Link this giveaway on your Facebook status and tag @Sarah's Deals (so it shows on Fan Page), then come back and comment with youremail address.

2 winners will be picked randomly using next Wednesday, March 31st at Noon EST.

Remember- to enter the contests, post your comments over at Sarah's Deals blog! That's where the contest is being run!!

Good luck!!

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Polly said...

Boy, what memories that little shopping trip brings back!! I wanted my girls to stay GIRLS and stop that growing into young ladies!!! Now I have five great grandchildren ... how time flies ...