Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do You Ever Notice...?

When you want need desperately have to have a great the best a fantastic idea, none are to be had? But when you otherwise just wander around with a million projects waiting for your attention, ideas sprout like weeds?

I'm in a funk. I have several projects I need to work on- things I'm making FOR other people, not myself. Things people have requested, or shown enough interest in that I feel they MUST have one too. But, sadly, new ideas are lacking.

I've had the mother of all headaches today, settled on my entire head. I suffer from headaches all the time. I've had my head, back, and neck all examined- lots, and there is never a cause. Usually, they are at the base of my skull- thick, pounding headaches. Today, there's that, then there's the same type of one behind my eyes, and in my forehead. 

It has made my creative juices stop flowing all together. I want need desperately have to have a great the best a fantastic idea. See, I was asked to do a post on one of my FAVORITE blogs, and do you think I have ANY idea what to post?

Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Later, if I can wrangle the mother of all headaches under control, I may go to GW and DT to wander the aisles and let the inspiration soak up in me. If not, I'm going to be shutting myself in bed when Nick gets home, and hiding from the light, and noise. That's not to say it's a migraine- it isn't. But, still, light and noise can aggravate any headache. Kids, also. They can REALLY aggravate a headache.

-sigh- Here's hoping that the Excederin FINALLY kicks in (it usually does, but it's taking a lot longer today), and that my Crafty Muse comes flittering on by with a great the best a fantastic idea, which should also be totally unique and original, because those are the best ideas.

Also, because I suck, and I'm a loser, I haven't even done my craft for this week. I did -A- craft, but haven't finished or posted it, which would make this the first week of the year that I have not posted a craft for my goal of  "A Craft A Week in 2010". I'll get around to it, promise.


J Rodney said...

Oh yes, it seems this is always the way. I had been stuck in the middle of writing a novel for about a year, when I finally got an idea for how to continue the other day. Of course my three boys are taking up loads of time, I have a couple of projects going for my blog, and we are having visitors all of March....what to do??? My solution has been to scribble a bit down, and hope that the inspiration will still be here once I get surplus energy again.

Expressions by Heather said...

Keep a notebook with you, and yes, scribble down what you can, when you can!

What kind of novel is it, J?

Trish said...

In every other area of my life I have OCD. Lists, plans, routines, etc.
But when it comes to the artsy craftsy stuff? Total ADD. I'm working on a raggy quilt now that is taking a bit of time and has a deadline. But I keep getting distracted by, umm...everything I see in blogland.
I hope your headache improves quickly.

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Ha ha, I am right there with you... I also have assignments for other sites to complete and absolutely no inspiration - oh, and I have a headache today too! And I know the owner of the site you're talking about and she will cut you some slack! :) I'll put in a good word for you. Oh, and if you want to email her and brainstorm/bounce ideas, she's all ears. :)

Stephanie - My Frugal Lifestyle said...

My husband suffers from really bad headaches too! It happens right at the base of skull and will spread to his neck and even some ringing in his ears. Sometimes he says his head will feel oddly numb too. He's had MRI scans, CT scans, XRays, you name it! We got nothing! No answers!

Some friends of ours told about the benefits of magnesium. So, I bought some 'Magnesium Calm' for him and within 3 days of taking the stuff, he feels amazing! I was shocked, because he's been dealing with these headaches for over 5 years.

Expressions by Heather said...

Heather- I will have to do that! I'm glad she'll cut me some slack ;) She seems like a pretty nice girl :D

Stephanie- That sounds oddly familiar. I do know I have bulging discs in my neck, which -could- be causing some of it, but that the headaches started before those discs were actually bulging.

I've never heard of using magnesium calm- I'll have to find some. At this point, I'll give anything a try!