Monday, March 1, 2010

Dollar Tree St. Patrick's Day

This past weekend, I was in Michaels when I decided I wanted to do just 1 more small St. Patrick's Day item. I'm not really into the holiday, but since I started blogging, I've seen the crafting value in every holiday. I made a lot of stuff for Valentine's Day, including 3 wreaths, and loved all of it.

I wound up deciding (as I sat pondering the items) to make a wall hanging. I am not in love with the bows on it.

What I used:

1 Dollar Tree "Canvas" (it was pre-printed)
3 Wooden Hearts from Michaels
3 Foil Cardboard Hearts- On Hand
Shamrock printed ribbon from Michaels
Paint- On Hand
Goldish wide sheer ribbon- on hand, but I got it at Dollar Tree
Matte & Golden Shimmer Mod Podge- On Hand

I love the sign itself. I hate the ribbons used. I painted the canvas brown, then used "Shamrock Green", forest green, and darker brown to streak the canvas. I loved it! Lastly, I coated the canvas in golden shimmer mod podge, to give it a bit of that pot of gold feeling.

I painted the larger wooden hearts forest green, and the cardboard side of the foil hearts Shamrock green. Word of advice- if you have it, skip the cardboard and use wooden hearts, these things curled horribly, and kept tearing when I put my fingers on them. Mucho Re-paint-o.

I mod podged the cardboard hearts to the centers of the wooden hearts with matte finished. I wasn't going to add any gold to it, but it kind of stood out against the golden shimmer background, so I wound up adding a layer of golden shimmer.

Lastly, the ribbon. Oh, the ribbon.

I noticed right off the bat that the white shamrock ribbon was too white against the rich, earthy tones I had used. I had some thing sheer tan ribbon, so I added that, made a bow, glued it on, and called it good over night.

Looking at it today, I hated it (though, to be fair, I hadn't really loved it last night). Today, I got the bright idea to distress the ribbon with brown ink. It wasn't horrible, but not great. I have a regular green ink pad, so I used that, too. Big mistake- while that pad works for distressing the edges of paper, it really soaked into the ribbon, leaving green blobs.

Being truly frugal, I was not about to give up on that bow, so I glued it on. Let it sit. Ripped it back off. Dollar Tree plasticy canvas is a lot stronger than one would think, as it's held up to having the bow ripped off it twice now.

I decided to stain the ribbon with the left over coffee from this morning. It accomplished 2 things. 1- it washed all the ink distressing from it except two random, huge green blobs. 2- it stained it. Faintly. It was far more white now than it was before staining it, since it washed the ink off.

I finally gave up. I pitched the hideous bow. It was useless. I really do like my sign without it, but since I don't have a stem for the shamrock, I felt like I should have something there.

Well, whose going to judge my 3 leaf, stemless clover? No one, it's in my house, not an art museum!


And while this photo was taken early on, before the ribbon debacle,  this is what it looks like again. Well, except I did skip a step. That wide sheer ribbon I had? I used it to make a hanger for it. 

See? The top part, not the ugly bow.

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the thrifty ba said...

i agree no ribbon! but what a nice, cheap craft! i might have to head to $1 tree. the kids will LOVE that...

Kathleen Maca said...

I probably would have tried a ribbon there, too..but it looks much better without. Cute project. Thanks for sharing!

Heather - said...

Super cute!! Love the use of hearts!

Jess said...

This is super cute--creative way to use the canvas from the dollar store!!!

Maria@ChicaBellaCrafts said...

I shall never pass on a cheap canvas again! I'm thinking thrift shop, yard sales big lots. Thanks for the great idea.

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the ribbon, but if it were me, I'd have tried it too. As far as a stem for your darling shamrock - just paint it with your 2 colors of green. Give it just a slight curve and I think you'll be happy.
oh yeah, the hearts . . . very clever. Great job. Gives me ideas!

Kimberly said...

I would have tried the ribbon too, but I think you're right - no ribbon! But it's great!!! I love it!

Holly Lefevre said...

I like it w/o the ribbon...It's art who says it has to have a is about interpretation, right?! I was thrifting yesterday and found all kinds of plaques and canvases for like 99cents and snatched them all up for future projects. FUN! New follower!
504 Main

Barbara Jean said...

Great idea!!



barbara jean

Unknown said...

I love this!

Kaysi said...

That is super cute Heather!! I love love the dollar tree and now I really want to go!! :)

Ashley @ Joyful Creations said...

Hey Heather, I found this through Dollar Store Crafts website. Awesome creation. I just started a new blog and featured you on it for St. Patrick's Day crafts. Check it out!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Love this one! Isn't it nifty that St. Patty's is right after Valentines! Clearance baby!!!!

Rachel said...

You wanna know what I like best about the project? It's that you used a shamrock (3-leafed and the traditional Irish symbol, signifying the Trinity) as opposed to the 4-leaf clover I've seen on so many other blogs. It drives me nutz when I see those, but I'm just a picky Irishwoman who likes to see things done properly. I love the use of the heart shapes. Works perfectly, with or without the funky ribbon -- tee hee.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Super cute!! Thanks for sharing!
happy crafting,


I love the colors! maybe twine would work for a bow. I'll put his craft on my list for next year, thanks.