Monday, May 30, 2011


I will be hosting a week of giveaways! The giveaways will start tomorrow, with a set of hair items from my own shop. I am looking for shops who would like to participate by donating items to give away.

As some of you know, I run an advertising page on facebook, and reach over 4,000 people daily, and will be advertising your etsy shop or facebook page or blog along with the giveaway.


You will have a 5 day giveaway period. Your post will be posted and advertised for 5 days here on the blog, as well as on Facebook, and in other blog giveaway linkies.

Your item will be given to a random comment. To enter, participants are required to:

  • Like your facebook page OR pick an item they love the most from your Etsy shop OR follow your blog. You can choose which to require, but only 1 is required. 
  • Like my facebook advertising page.
For extra entries, they can also:
  • Like, follow, or pick items from your facebook, blog, or etsy shop.
Winners will be randomly drawn by me. People donating prizes are required to ship within 5 days at their own cost.

If you are interested in participating, let me know!!

You'll need to get me the following info:

  • Contact me at Herberkids3(at) OR send a MESSAGE to Heather Tompkins on Facebook. 
  • A description and photo of the item you wish to give away. If you wish to do something custom, please get me a comparable photo to post, and make sure to list that it is A) custom, and B) how long it will take to arrive.
  • A logo from your shop, facebook page, or blog!
  • Links to which ever of the following you have: A facebook shop, an Etsy shop, a Blog.
  • A description of items you offer in your shop! 
  • Snag a button to share on your blog- you can link it directly to the blog, or to your specific giveaway!

Please leave a comment if you wish to participate! I'm looking to have items to giveaway Tuesday through Saturday, with the giveaway announcements starting Sunday. I will do several per day, if there are more shops interested.



Mama Lusco said...

I'd love to participate! Could you email me at mamalusco at ortelco dot net? I'll email you my links then. Thanks! Angie

Expressions by Heather said...

Went back and edited in how to contact me!

madison avenue said...

i would love to do a giveaway!! please e mail me at if this is a possibility! thanks so much!

love, madison

Michelle said...

I would love to participate! Please contact me at picklemamadesigns at

Jaci said...

I'm intrested in doing this but I just started all of this facebook bloggin selling on line thing. I'm concerned I'm going to need too much hand holding for someone with your experience to tolerate! LOL If you are willing to take me on and help a bit more than you usally do just this one time that would be great! I'm a quick learner! lol

Paolo said...

I am usually a victim of spending more than the planned budget. Thanks for the great tips, though we don't really use coupons here in the Philippines. Frugal shopping should start as a trend considering the hard times. Saving whatever amount we can will really be mean a lot.