Monday, May 30, 2011

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness... and having fun!

As a grown up, I spend most of my time as a full time mommy. I deal with school, doctors, kid functions, and everything else. As an adult, I also like to occasionally kick back and relax. While I do have the random adult drink from time to time, it isn't often that I actually do any hard drinking.

This past weekend was a large event in my home town- The Pink Dress Run, which is a bar crawl with the proceeds being donated to cancer research. There are teams- each of the local bars have their own team. You start at your home team, and move around from bar to bar.

Each bar has specials, games, raffles, and more- you can win items, buy fun items, and have some drinks. Most of the money is donated right back to charity, and each bar totals up what money they make, and at the end, there is a winning bar.

My mom went last year, and it looked like a TON of fun, so I decided I would go this year. We didn't have the greatest weather- it was over cast and a little chilly from time to time, but at least we didn't fry in the sun, or get rained on.

Here are a few photo high lights- now, with the theme being "Pink Dress Run", you want to wear a pink dress, or at the very least, as much pink as possible. Going fun and gaudy is also great, and yes- the boys dress up as well!

I had a great time, though next year, I may take it a little slower, because I had a rough night and morning the next day. ;)

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