Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheap Target Clothing

Today, I read this message on facebook:

1. Go to Target.com
2. Add 3 pr of Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Bootcut Jean - Medium Tint Wash
*note you must order this particular style for this deal to work, but you can order any size you wish - doesn't have to be 3 of the same size
3. then look under junior tops look for the ones that say buy more save more (try to stick to $6-$8 options to optimize the savings.... the BEST deal is to get two $6 shirts and one $8 shirt thereby bumping your pre-discount total just over $50 which qualifies you for free shipping. If you don't go over $50 pre-discount it'll charge you shipping)
4. Then use the code TGT75HFN for $5 off this is a one time use code and you have to be logged into your account.
5. The total for 3outfits (3pr pants, 3shirts) was $11.58

The above are the steps that people are following. I am not 100% clear what is knocking the price down so much (eg i cannot pinpoint the exact wording on the website for the promotion), but when you go through the checkout process the internet promotions will automatically knock your price down to the $12-$14 shipped range for the whole order. Two cautions - 1. Rumor has it these jeans run SMALL. So if you are unsure order up sizing wise. 2. As with all true fantastic internet deals this will go fast. The jeans will be bought out in popular sizes and the cheaper shirts will also sell out quickly. So if you need some new clothes (or have a pre-teen/teenage) daughter that needs some jump on this sooner rather than later.
I went in and did this, my total for 3 pairs of jeans (I ordered for my daughter, they were out of my size) 2 shirts for me, and 1 shirt for my daughter for $14.83 shipped from Target. I did not have to add any promo codes- as soon as I added all 6 items, it discounted my deal by over $40.00!

Can we say CA-CHING for Christmas?


Camille said...

Thank you! I just did this for me! I now have some lose weight goal pants that I don't feel horrible about spending money on, bc they ended up costing me like 2 dollars!

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

I think everyone's doing this-I can't even get on the site.

Anna said...

I'm hearing that from several people now, Trophy. Hopefully they don't stop the sale before everyone gets through!

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