Monday, October 17, 2011

Kids Fall 2011 Portraits - My how they've grown!

4 years ago, now, I put my foot down, and decided that school portraits both A) Suck, and B) Cost an arm and a leg. So, to get around it, I decided to pick up my own little Kodak point and shoot, and try my hand at taking the photos myself.

I wasn't sure where that would go, but it wound up becoming a part time job that I love. I've long since upgraded from a point and shoot to a Sony DSLR that I absolutely love. And as for saving money? Well, I suppose when you factor in the cost of my camera, I really didn't save money anymore, but it's something I love, and it does make me some money on the side.

Anyway, here is a look at how far I've come, and how much the lil monsters darlings have grown.

I have seen a lot of growth both in my SOOC (straight off the camera) photos, and my editing skills over the past year, and I love seeing how they turn out each time I do a shoot.

This summer, we were out a lot- we did a 5 day family vacation, a few small weekend things, and I went on my own kid-free, spouse-free vacation for 5 days as well.

With all of this, I did not do nearly as many photoshoots this year as I did last year, but it picked up this fall, and since September, I've done 3 senior portrait sessions, and several families. Fall is just a fun time for photos!

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Lindsay said...

I started taking my kids' pics, too. I spread it out, so ufortunately, I can't seem to get great shots of them all before the first kids' pics are outdated.

It is cute to see the growth in your kids, too! :)