Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney Earning Update

Originally, my goal was $300/month. That would have been enough to go to Disney this fall, but it wouldn't have left much wiggle room. But, I was at $300 in early January. Like the 7th, I believe. Maybe later? So I upped it to $400/month. Then I met that.

Currently, I have earned $706 this month, and I have $53 in invoices waiting to be paid. I have already put down the $200 deposit on the vacation.  I doubt every month will be a $700 month, but I am hoping to reach $800 this month, thus doubling the earnings I was hoping for.

My guess is that most months will be much closer to the hopeful $400.

We leave October 19th for 7 days in the Magic Kingdom. That gives me 9 months left to earn the money. I need to have an average of $366 per month to reach that. Here's hoping for more months that I reach $700! The faster it's paid off, the better!!

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