Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Am Broken

I'm sure there are many people out there who would agree with that statement, but I don't just mean mentally now. ;)

On Thursday, I posted a blog about taking the kids sledding, and how much fun we had, but how, ultimately, I got hurt. Well, after trying to stand up enough to put a pillow under my bum, and nearly bursting into tears from the pain, I decided to call Nick He was on his way home, I just wanted him to come home NOW.

He got here, and I got out of the PJ's I was in (excruciating, but necessary, since I had no desire to be seen in anything less than clean panties for x-rays), and he took me to the ER. Boy, am I glad Raegan is old enough to watch the kids for emergencies like this.

Anyway, they confirmed it- I broke my tailbone. The tip is separated from the rest. Ouch! I'm confined to some bloody uncomfortable sitting positions so that I don't put weight back on my tailbone. They had me pick up an inflatable donut, but honestly, I found that to be highly painful both last night and today, so instead, I sit leaning forward. It hurts my upper back, but keeps the weight from my tailbone.

I'm to take it easy, and rest for several days. The kids didn't have school today, so at least I didn't have to walk to the bus stop with Gilly. The bus stop is 8 houses down, and I almost always have to wait a good 15 minutes before the bus shows up. Walking actually doesn't bother me at all. Going up steps hurts. Down doesn't. But, just the thought of walking there makes me cringe.

However, taking her to school and sitting in the car? That DOES make me wanna yarf all over. So, bus stop it is. Nick is going to try and switch shifts next week. There is a mid-shift, which is from 9-6 instead of 8-5 (early shift) or 10-7 (late shift). If he can, then he'll be able to get Gilly on the bus in the morning, so I can rest for a few days. I'll also call the bus garage and make arrangements for them to let my older daughter pick her up in the afternoons next week, as well.

When school started, Gilly was 7, and the bus garage requires all children 7 or younger to be picked up by a parent or adult care giver. However, she just turned 8, and while I still want her picked up at all times, I think the bus garage will be all right with it. Then again, I did throw a massive hissy fit at the begining of the school year, so... who knows.

Should I explain the hissy fit? Man, that's a whole nother post. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, while I might make some posts occasionally over the next few days, I probably won't be sitting on my hard craft chair to do any crafts. I did find a cute idea for Valentine's Day bracelets, though, so I might do that in bed.

Speaking of bed... it's 2am, and I should get back in it. Tomorrow, I plan to rig up some way to take a long bath, without my tailbone resting on the bottom of the tub. Nick suggested submerging a towel, so I may have to try that.


Michele said...

Oh man...I do hope it starts feeling better soon. I have back pain and it can be no fun at all.

Glad the family is all helping out!

Big hugz,

Heather@ said...

Thank you! I am hoping that the worst of the pain will be done soon.

The Sheppard Bunch said...

I am sorry to hear about your injury! I hope you start feeling better quickly! Hang in there!

JHill said...

Yuck! Tailbone injuries are the worst. Rest up as much as you can and feel better soon. I feel so bad for you!

Mama Rockwell said...

I saw your blog link on Someday Crafts.

I know your pain!! I fell last winter when I was seven months preggo and broke my tailbone. I couldn't sit or let alone move for a couple of weeks. In time the pain will go away. Good luck!

Heather@ said...

Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how much it must have hurt while already tired and pregnant! That must have been hard!