Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frugal Snowy Fun

Today, we got hit with snow, but the weather was actually pretty mild at about 30 degrees. Just cold enough to freeze, but not bitter cold. Perfect for sledding. The kids each got a new sled for Christmas, and this was actually only the 2nd time I've taken the kids sledding.

When we lived up north, we didn't live near a hill of any sort. When we moved down here, we lived in an apartment, so sleds weren't a priority for storage space, but we were only there for a year. When all 3 kids were home, we had a snack, and bundled up. Or, some of us did- apparently, my son didn't put new socks on. He had a pair of ankle socks on, with holes in them. -sigh- More on that later.

We live right near the hill, but I knew walking would mean crabby kids, and a tired mama, so we drove. The hill was steep, and today's snowfall has been slick. I fell multiple times just getting up the hill. Then, because it was so thick with fresh snow, it took us quite a while to get paths cut in the snow so we could get down without running and jumping on the sleds.

I took a few turns down the hill, then took photos, then took one last, disastrous trip down the hill. Why was it a disaster? Ooh, well... the sled took off before I could sit down, so I chased it, and jumped. Oh, big mistake, Heather. Big, huge mistake.

I missed the sled, landed on my tail bone, and I can't stand up or sit down without a LOT of pain right now. Yes, I have a pain in the butt, and for once, it's not my kids or husband. OMG, it hurts a LOT. I took a few motrin and a naproxen, but just moving around really hurts.

By this time, Chris was in near hysterics over being cold (at this point, I didn't know about the socks, or lack there of). He has severe ADHD, and tends to highly over react to a lot of things. He's having a bad day, so he really over reacted to epic proportions. Screaming fit proportions.

Raegan went down one last time, while Chris walked to the car. Gilly kept coming back up the hill, despite me telling her it was time to go. My rear end hurt very much badly walking down that hill, especially since I tried very hard not to fall on the way down. I had wiped out about 7 or 8 times before, and with a sore bum, had no intention of doing so again. I'd have slid down on my bum if it didn't hurt so bad.

When we got towards the car, I could hear it. Chris was having a global meltdown. People were staring, he was going all out, acting like he had broken an arm or something, screaming about the pain. This is one of those things I normally deal with by taking a deep breath, and talking to him. I was in pain, though, and had to sit down to start the car, then stand up to scrap the car off (and man, does THAT hurt, the sitting then standing thing, it apparently puts a LOT of pressure on the tailbone). Anyway, I asked, then yelled for everyone to knock it off, cause Gilly was screaming at Chris to stop screaming (I know- horrible Mom award- telling them not to do something by doing it myself).

Anyway, we're home, I'm in pain, and waiting for my meds to kick in, and sincerely hoping I didn't do something really bad, like fracture it.

Nick's on his way home. I had Raegan just get me a pillow to sit on, and man... I almost couldn't stand. I think my next post will be post-ER. -sigh-


Gwen said...

I hope that it is just a bad bruise and not something er, more threatening.

Your pictures make it love like a lovely time was had by all:)

CC said...

I hope it's a bad may have fractured it. Ohh,I hope not. The hill and the pictures looked so pretty..I so hope the pain goes away and that you're okay.

Heather@ said...

Sadly, I did indeed fracture my tailbone. -sigh-

MrsJenB said...

Oh no! I did that about 5 years ago, slipping down the stairs. I am completely with you on the pain - it's amazing how quickly you find out the things you take for granted, like sitting or standing or laying down. You poor thing!

Kim said...

Yikes !!!!! Oh no ! Nothing worse than a banged up tailbone. Feel better soon!!!!!!!!!