Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Snowing

I love how snow looks, all pretty, and fluffy, and white, when we are getting a good snowfall. I hate how cold it is, how slushy it gets, how dirty it gets, how bad the roads get... I dislike winter.

Today, it looks gorgeous out. Big fluffy white flakes littering the sky, and coating the Earth in a pretty white blanket. It's supposed to keep up all day and night, resulting in the first major snowstorm of the season for us. We've had a few others, but no real accumulation. Today, they are saying 4-6" by dinner. I'd say we've already gotten close to an inch.

Gillian and I walk through the yard, to the road every morning and every afternoon on our way to and from the bus stop. I stomp out the exact same path every morning, to make sure we have a path. That path is now covered already. Once the snow gets deeper than about 2 inches on the ground, we walk around, but because the weather hasn't been as cold as it should, our dirt road has been a quagmire of mud, so I have avoided it thus far. Hopefully, it'll freeze over soon.

In the meantime, my fingers are numb. I went out to put some mail in the mailbox, and stopped to shovel. However, I did so sans gloves. Oops.

And in other news- I've been featured today by Dollar Store Crafts for my handmade fuzzy socks!


MrsJenB said...

I love snow! We're supposed to get a couple inches by tomorrow morning. I find that a picture never quite captures how beautiful it is...

Heather@ said...

No, photos never do it justice, that's for sure.