Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Invalid Craft Time

I'm really surprised at how much it hurts to do little things. Sitting up. Walking. Standing up. Wiggling around. Scooting a chair. It all hurts! I've been spending way too much time in bed, and I just want to DO something! Yesterday, I assembled a bucket of craft items to use while I'm laying down.

I've watched my fill of movies. I've read 2 books, cover to cover, and finished a 3rd. I'm bored.

While none of my Invalid Crafts are what I would consider genius or something totally outstanding, they are, at the very least, giving me something to do.

Last night, I attempted to make a Valentine pocket to put treats in. It was cute, but small. Today, I found a cute basket in my back room, and decided to make it a Valentine's Basket, and found something to do with the little pocket I made.

This was easy enough to do. For the pocket, I started off with 1 heart shape, and I whip stitched it to a piece of plain red felt. Well, the felt puckered a bit, and pulled, and all together did not lie flat, so I cut it into a larger heart shape, and whip stitched it to a piece of white felt.

I decided halfway through stitching it to make it a pocket, instead of a full applique, so I only stitched the sides of the heart to the white. Once done, I opted to cut the white into a heart shape. The very last thing I did, which really should have been the very first thing, was sew a dark red button to the middle of the heart.

For the basket, I started by just winding thin pink ribbon around the edge of the basket. I like it- it's cute! Then, I opted to cut two slits in the back of my little pocket, and string it up, then attach it to the basket. I think it looks darling, but in my slightly drug dazed stupor, I think most things are darling. (I don't write that to mean I'm totally off my rocker and drugged out, but I do have a sensitivity to most medications, and while I do try to go as long as possible without them, my body aches badly even just laying down when I haven't taken them, and things like tylenol, heating pads, motrin, and ice are not helping much yet)

Lastly, or not, I wound what little tulle I had on hand around the handle. Maybe I'm not so in love with that. I imagined it puffy. It looked odd puffy, so I tugged it tight. I don't love it, so it may not stay. Probably it won't stay. Apparently, aforementioned slightly drug dazed stupor does not make all things darling.

As I said, it might not have been the last step, because the real last step was by far my favorite. I loaded it down with left over Christmas candy in red, silver, and oddly, purple. The purple is my favorite, and it's a nice Valentine type color.

All in all, not a bad little fix up for a basket I paid $.79 for at Goodwill. If you have baskets as part of your decor, this would be an easy way to fix them up for various holidays- a cute felt shape and some ribbon, which is all easily removed, but adds just a touch of holiday to the decor.


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Cha Cha said...

I love the little pocket you made, very sweet. Mt kids would love to have one, I'll have to make something like it. I hope you have a fast recovery. Thanks for sharing.

Hope said...

Love the little pocket...would be great to stick some hot chocolate in and give it to someone as a gift.

fawnda said...

love the heart pocket! So cute to leave a little love note in!

JHill said...

I love felt shapes with visible stitching. Makes me happy inside. Speaking of happy inside, enjoy your drugs and feel better soon!

Michele said...

Love what you did with the basket...too cute! Love the kitty inspecting it!

Hope you start feeling better soon...back pain and aches are absolutely no fun at all. It even hurts when I'm laying in bed :(


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...


Sincere thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritville Thrifty Thursday!

Tales from Bloggeritaville

Prior said...

adorable stitching...I made some nice snowflakes when sick in bed with a fever... Lezlee