Monday, February 15, 2010

Mod Podge Madness!

Over the weekend, I picked up a new bottle of Matte finished Mod Podge, and a bottle of Glossy finish, both on clearance at a local store for just $3 a bottle. Oh, the Mod Podge joy to be had!

I've been Mod Podging all weekend. All right, all right, not ALL weekend, but I have done quite a bit of Mod Podging.

First up- A Heart Shaped Springy Clip Thingy. Yes, I'm sure that was the technical name for it. Back before Christmas, I found a large basket packed full of craft supplies for just $2.99 at Goodwill, and it came with all these shaped clips on springy stands.

I was looking to make a last minute Valentine's Day decoration. I chose to paint the base and edges red. It was a Crimson color, which was supposed to be a bit more burgundy than red, but it was bright red when it came out. Ah well, red is red, right? I'm glad now that I know, before using it for something and messing it up because of the color.

I used 2 different black and white scrapbook papers to cut into hearts for the wooden clip, and distressed them with brown ink. I know, it would have looked better with black, but I wound up loving how the brown looked with it.

To mod podge them on, I used my gold Shimmer mod podge, and it turned out great. They reminded me of the Twilight book covers- all black, white, and red. Raegan thought they kind of reminded her of it, but not much. Either way, the girls had a birthday party on Saturday, so that was one of the items they included. The girl is also a Twilight nut like Raegan.

I wound up loving it so much, though, that I made a second one for myself last night.


Next, I did another springy thingy, this time a flower. I made it to match the sign I made for my niece Alex for her upcoming 3rd birthday. 

 After "finishing" this, I went back last night, and added a coat of silver glitter paint to the base.

Ignore the wand for now.
For my next project, I tackled my 1963 wooden Cigar box. My aunt yelled at me for Mod Podging an antique, but honestly, it's much nicer now, while still keeping the appearance it had, for the most part. Here's a before shot of the box, which I found for $.99 at Goodwill last month.

For this project, I bought some scrapbook paper that felt old- it's the backs of old post cards all written on. I cut it to fit the lid, then used brown distressing ink on it to age it more. I choose to use my Gold Shimmer Mod Podge on this, to help aid in the antiquing feel.

 When I was doing this, I got some mod podge on the unfinished wood, and loved the way it made it look. So, instead of mod podging the entire box with scrapbook paper, as I had planned, I stopped with just the front panel, and lid done. The Gold Shimmer Mod Podge gave the wood a nice, rich finish, which turning it gold. It looks great. 

In the photo below, you can see the difference in the finished and unfinished wood. The box itself never had a finish- it was just flat, dry wood. I left the bottom un-Podged, where as the visible sides are podged. It's a drastic difference! I also Mod Podged the entire inside of the box.

I want to find a small glass knob to attach to the lid of the box, to make it easier to open, but as it is, I love how my box turned out.

Last night, Nick and I went to the movies (Book of Eli- which I loved!), and to kill time, we stopped at Target, where I found the dollar spot ribbon spools. There are 6 spools of ribbon, 18 inches of ribbon on each spool, for $1. I love them, and used a lot of them at Christmas, so it was nice finding new ribbons. I picked 3 different ones.

Anyway, despite the late hour when we returned home, I got in the mood to craft. I didn't use any of that ribbon, but did use more Mod Podge!

Last week, I found a package of 16 wooden dowels on clearance for $.68, so I picked it up without a use in mind. Last night, as I was sorting out my wooden shapes, I saw the package of 10 Butterflies and 10 Flowers I got at Dollar Tree. An idea was born- Paint, then Mod Podge the shapes, and paint the dowel, then glue, and Viola! Magic wands for kids!

I started off with a heart shape I had, and made one for my Niece Alex to match the other items I've made so far.

I painted the heart green, then added flower paper to the front side of the heart. I distressed it with red ink, then added a layer of silver glitter paint, before using my Glossy Mod Podge to podge it. 

For the dowel, I painted it bright blue, then used the round head of a pin to polka dot it with the green paint. I added a layer of silver glitter paint, then used the glossy Mod Podge again.

I glued the heart onto the dowel with E6000, and let it sit over night, then took silver, green, blue, and pink ribbon, made a bow, and left long ribbon trails on it. It totally matches the sign and spring clip I've made for her, as well!

Speaking of the sign... When I made it, I didn't have paint to match the paper, so I stained the letter A with lavender ink, and used markers to color the sides. I did not love it. I went ahead this weekend, and painted the A blue.



I do believe that is all my weekend crafts. Plenty of Mod Podge Goodness to be had! 
I did:
1 wand
3 Spring Clips
1 Cigar Box
1 Repainting on a Sign
I only have 1 more thing to do for Alex's birthday- her ALEX banner, similar to my LOVE banner I made for Valentine's Day. I have to get some colorful felt yet, but I have a lot of brightly colored ribbon for it. I may also make a crown she can wear from felt to match.

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Kassi Jane said...

cute ideas! love the girl stuff!

Kaysi said...

That is awesome! I LOVE mod podge and you did some great things with it.

Heidi said...

cute stuff! gotta love mod podge!

avisiontoremember said...

can't help you with a name of the springy stuff, but they are all super cute anyway :)

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

You went nuts with the Mod Podge! Love that stuff. My fave are the little heart clippies. So cute!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Is there any Mod Podge left at this point? : ) Love those heart springy things! I think the ink you used looks great. Your niece will love her gifts and especially that wand!

Expressions by Heather said...

There is indeed still a LOT of mod podge left! A little goes a long ways ;)

Thank you everyone! I love how my projects turned out. Next up? I found a wooden cube box that is just itching for a Mod Podge make over, but I need to get to the craft store first for some new papers.

Unknown said...

Love all of your cute projects! How fun!

One Cheap B*tch said...

My, my someone has been very busy with Mod Podge lately! I love the checkerboard heart and the cigar box. Genius!

Unknown said...

I have been going mod podge crazy lately too! couple projects just posted to my site - and then I'm helping my BFF re-do her girls' room and my answer for everything "decopage!" I'm going to post a few of the things that we've done in the next day or so - but love your projects! It's good to know that there are more of us crazies out there! xoxo

Unknown said...

Come check out my blog! I have a surprise for you!

KimMalk said...

The springy clip things are just adorable, what a lucky find! The cigar box looks much nicer.

hershel said...

I have been meaning to tel you I wondered what you would do with the wooden cigar box, so was happy when you finished it, it is so cute, I just love it, and it was great you just did the sides with mod podge, I really like it that way.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I saw these the other day when I was visiting! The hearts and flowers are darling. And the deal you got on the mod podge rocks!!! Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. I hope to see you back next week!